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Birthdate:Mar 27
Website:The Groznyj Grad Living Novel
Ministry of the Interior Official Service Record

Name: Oleksei, Taras Cheslavovich
Rank: Captain of the Internal Service, Operativnik


DOB: August 11, 1932
Age: 31
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: Leningrad, USSR
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown (right), Blue (left)
Height: 1.83m (6'0")
Weight: 90.72kg (200 lbs.)
Blood type: O+
Identifying scars or marks: 1cm long scar on left eyebrow

Pre-service history

Education: Graduate of State Youth Culture Program
Political Status: Good
Criminal Record: None
Work History: Personal private protection.

Current Assignment

Assigned to Violent Crimes Division, MVD field office, Leningrad. Supervising Officer: Isaev, Ilarion Alexandrovich

Interests (34):

blatnoy, brass knuckles, breaking fingers, breaking heads, breaking necks, chess, dressing nice, dressing up, fancy stuff, fever dreams, gambling, gulags, heterochromia iridis, interrogation, intimidation, leather couches, leningrad, lifting weights, living in luxury, looking good, naughty magazines, nice things, nice watches, punching things, survival buddies, taking care of business, tattoos, the mvd, the north, the opera, the siege, the theatre, the zone, toreadors
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